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4th Ezra - How the World Will End

20 May 2019 07:30

As we finish Chapter 6 of 4th Ezra, we unpack the supporting scriptures that reveal to us exactly what is going to happen at the last trump when the earth and heavens are removed.  4th Ezra reveals the signs that will occur when the seal of this age is placed on it for destruction.  These signs are found in the biblical book of Revelation and elsewhere.  So, suddenly, these scriptures in Revelation start to make sense because of the understanding of the ancient book of 4th Ezra.  Let us all get ready because the end is near.  

Freedom Friday Alternative News and Commentary - Fake Meat and Real Demons

17 May 2019 07:30

Silicon Valley, celebrities, and billionaire elitists want to shove fake plant based food down our throats, and the question to ask is why?  The meat is fake, but the demons are real.  An elderly 73 year old man just shoots his wife in the face several times after he thought she used a disrepectful tone with him.  Only a demon possessed man would do that.  In Las Vegas, a 23 year old beast of a woman purposely shoved an elderly 75 year old man with a walker off of a bus, causing him to die a month later.  All he had done was ask her "to be nice to other passengers."  Only a demon possessed beast would act such a way.  The Met Gala is always full of satanists showing off their allegiance to their god, but this one fool came dressed as a "Sun god" complete with six shirtless men carrying him on a liter.  We live in a satanic cult.  The whole culture around us is a satanic cult.  They are all going to die in the second death.  

4 Ezra - The Incredible Majesty of God

13 May 2019 07:30

In this portion of Chapter six, we find doctrine on the incredible majesty of the creator God.  Once again, we find the same doctrinal content in the Bible, which supports the teachings in this ancient Jewish text.  The ancient cosmology is stated again, which declares the opposite of what modern man has been taught.  We find an ancient belief in a earth with foundations that is covered with the heavens like a curtain or tent. There is a creator God looking down on the earth dwellers because He sits at the very circle enclosing the land.  There are many Biblical scriptures that support this idea also.  The psalmist declares this marvelous majesty and places proper reverence and worship in perspective.  The begining of wisdom is fear of the Lord.  

Freedom Friday Alternative News and Commentary

10 May 2019 07:30

Society keeps getting darker.  Today we cover numerous stories about extreme child abuse and murder, and killings committed by children also.  There are satanic children shooting and killing others in school settings and at home.  Biological fathers drugging and raping their daughters with fathers purposely murdering their infant children with fire because of custody issues.  Too much horror to cover, and certainly too much real life terror to comprehend.  The purpose in discussing all of these horid stories is to prove that the human species has gone terrible awry.  A reset is comming and a reboot of humanity is needed sooner rather than later.  

Freedom Friday Alternative News and Commentary

3 May 2019 07:30

Take ancient sacred Scriptures, attack their divne origen, dismantle their fundamental doctrines, and infuse them with your own brand of perverted wickedness, and you have a modern day cocktail of gayifying the Bible by traitors and sons of Satan.  We discuss the retired Baptist minister who writes for USA Today.  He states that churches need to stop accepting the ancient Scriptures as truth, but rather rely on reson and experience.  The experience he is talking about is the experience of accepting the LGBTQ behavior into the once Bible believing churches.  No repentance.  No remorse.  No change in demonic behavior and sexual lust.  He wants the church to change, not sinners.  He has already changed the Scriptures to his own mental retardation.  

4 EZRA - The Enclosed Creation

30 Apr 2019 00:00

The ancient book of 4 Ezra contains many prophetic end-time signs and warnings, but it also contains an ancient cosmology.  A cosmology that the ancient Jewish people believed and understood.  Whether we like it or not, the earth, the universe, the sun, the stars, and the weather were understood much differently then today.  In this episode, we show the connections to this ancient cosmology both to the Old and New Testament scriptures.  Jesus and the writers of the New Testament verified their belief in this ancient cosmology.  Why is it important?  Because it reveals the Enclosed Creation of the Creator God!  

Freedom Friday Alternative News and Commentary - The Reset Episode

27 Apr 2019 01:00

The horrific crimes against children and the innocents are increasing daily.  and it is not just physical child abuse anymore, rather extreme sexual abuse and rape by both adult males and females.  This week's stories alone show two adult men beating or shooting their sons because of anger toward the mothers of these children.  Yet, we also find children as young as 12 years old commiting horrific crimes on others.  We talk about a 12 year old girl who has no remorse for killing and eating her victim.  We also talk about two middle school age girls who planned to kidnap, kill, and bury at least ten children on their hit list.  The society has completely gone mad in some cases.  And we see a reset coming.  We see a re-boot that has to happen to humanity.  

4 Esdras - Prophetic End Times Signs written 2,400 years ago

22 Apr 2019 07:30

Continuing in chapter 5:1-14 of the ancient Jewish book of 4 Esdras, we discuss the revealed end times signs given to Ezra through the angel Uriel.  Remarkably, these same signs are repeated 400 years later by both Jesus and the New Testament writers.  So, about 2,400 years later, we are actually living to experience these end of the age signs.  This is probably why interest in this book has been forthcoming at this time.  

Freedom Friday Alternative News and Commentary

19 Apr 2019 01:00

The new Easter (Astar) goddess movie with Joaquin Phoenix and Mary Magdalene, three naked women get into a police chase and assault cops, crazy dude throws five year old child from third floor of a mall balcony, crazy lady and son and dog create havock and choas in Walmart.  

Freedom Friday Alternative News and Commentary

12 Apr 2019 01:00

The black hole picture that is not a picture, rather an algorithem of bits and bites, of ones and zeros, taken from multiple telescopes to appear like it is a picture.  Lies and more lies.  They constantly lie.  Why?  To take humans away from truth, thus life.  

Bible Prophecy Revealed in 4 Ezra

7 Apr 2019 23:00

We continue to explore the ancient Jewish writings of 4 Ezra, comparing its contents with that of Jesus, the Apostle Paul, and John the Revelator.  It is amazing how many exact content references are made in the New Testament that harken back 400 years prior to 4 Ezra.  We hope this study will bring more clarification on the coming Day of the Lord, End Time Prophecy, and the incredible salvation brought to us through Messiah.  

Strange History and Other Oddities

6 Apr 2019 02:00

A Polish transgender American war hero comes into history, the British flag planted on the moon comes into history, blood contained Russian candy bars come into history, and a university offers a class for Enviromental Anxiety and Climate Change Grief to sensitive and ill-informed students.  

4 Ezra - Fleeing the Shadow of This Age

1 Apr 2019 22:30

We continue in 4 Ezra reading chapters 1 and 2, and comparing the content with the book of Revelation and with the teachings of Jesus in the Gospel accounts.  We learn about God's requirments for the "Overcomer."  

My Heart Hurts Due to the Demons in the News

29 Mar 2019 07:30

Alternative narrative on current events with a social commentary that may be controversial to some.  

4 Ezra and the Dangerous Road of Christ

25 Mar 2019 21:00

We look at the ancient book of 4 Ezra and find a teaching about the narrow and dangerous path which leads to a beautiful city on top full of good things.  If one inhereits this city, how do they get to it?  They have to trravel that dangerous, hard, and troublesome road to obtain entrance to the city.  In Matthew, Jesus talks about the same narrow gate and hard road leading to salvation.  Christ says that few find it.  Let us understand the complete meaning and spiritual significance behind this doctrine.  Join us in exploring the truth in the Bible.  

My Head Just Exploded Due to Demons in the News

22 Mar 2019 07:30

So many demoniacs out there hurting and killing children.  It has become so over the top with demonic evil behavior that my head just exploded!

Delicious Genderless Gene Edited Talking Fish

15 Mar 2019 07:30

Ok, so the title is misleading, but we do have gene edited food that has secretly slipped into restaurants while we all slept, and genetically modified fish that our government has now approved for our consumption, and talking genderless AI assistants to help combat gender bias in robots, and stupid people taking selfies with wild animals, and a demon controlled 15 year old who brutally beat a 10 year old to death with a metal pipe.  

Dream Vision for the End Time Saints

11 Mar 2019 07:30

One of our listeners had a unique spiritual dream, and asked for our insight regarding its significance.  We believe the dream to be a meassage, warning, and teaching for the Saints of God living in these very last days of time as we have come to know it.  We interpret the dream according to our understanding of its message based with Scruptural references to support our conclusions.  There is an increasingly satanic assault on the Saints of God, the Called Out Ones, and this dream vision reveals how these deceptions take place within three characters which we all have inside of us.  This warning and teaching is not for finger pointing unless the fingers point back at us.  We have been taught and warned, and now it is up to us to take heed.  

New Level of Stupid by Freedom Friday Alternative News and Commentary

8 Mar 2019 08:30

Woman transitioned to man and then transitioned to genderless alien, childrens transgender book read on USA House Floor, R. Kelly claims that he is not Lucifer in national interview, billionaire dies of heart attack during penis enlargement surgery.  Society has reached a new level of stupid.  

The Quest to Distract Us

1 Mar 2019 08:30

Adults drinking breastmilk, the quest for immortality, Robot AI god sits in temple, transgender activists burns down own house as hate crime hoax, man rapes elderly woman because he was addicted to .  

The Demonic Muse and Its Practical Applications

25 Feb 2019 10:00

The occult or the hidden things may be hidden to the masses, but are actually hiding in plain sight to those who exercise discernment in these things.  Music contains many hidden messages, and even "innocent" songs or artists can sometiimes fool you.  Today we explore a few song lyrics by a generally clean songwriter from the 1970's to show you that the subtle hidden occult deception is always present and always has been.  We use the Scriptures in Daniel and is Isaiah to further explore how the "The King of Babylon" uses music to command worship and ensures that death will result if his commands are not followed.  We learn of a "taunt" that we will sing and say to the King of Babylon on the Day of our Salvation from his servitude.  

Dead Babies, Sperm Shirts, Vagina Idols in Church, and the New World Order

22 Feb 2019 08:30

Feminst Lutheran Pastor sculps vagina idol to celebrate impurity, Sperm prints are the trend at London fashion show, Arizona bill would require a person's DNA for employment, Cambodians welcome demon possessed men into their homes, Digisexuals want equal rights, Utah woman brutally murders her baby and is not charged with murder.  

How Do You Smell to God and to the World?

19 Feb 2019 03:00

Do true Biblical Christians smell?  Do they smell good or bad?  If one walks in Messiah and abides in Him, their smell is like a sweet aroma to God.  However, to the unbeliever in the world, to those who reject truth, the true follower of Christ smells like death.  Yes, the first death and then the eternal death.  But, to the humans who embrace truth, the smell is like life.  How do you smell?  

The End of the American Dream - by Freedom Friday Alternative News

15 Feb 2019 08:30

America's big cities have turned into lawless hellholes and depravation, Southern Baptist Convention riddled with sex abuse and sex scandals, Tom Brady uses witchcraft for success, the detestable practice of drinking and applying one's own urine for health benefits.  

How Long Oh LORD Before You Destroy the Wicked?

11 Feb 2019 08:30

Have you looked around lately and seen the utter depravity of the human race?  Child rapists, murderers, lawlessness, and every wicked deed abound as they exhault themselves in their dirty deeds.  We can't stop them, the laws can't hold them, the judges release them, and there is no hope left.  Only the All Mighty God of creation can recompense the wicked and put an end to the evil deceitful world system in which we are bound as prisoners.  But, what is taking Him so long?  How long is He going to allow this evil to continue and grow?  It gets frustrating for those of us waiting for vengeance.  Satan is wearing out the saints on a daily basis.  However, we are not the only ones who have felt this way.  In fact, several Prophets of old wrote the exact words.  And every time, it followed with destruction from God on the wicked people of disobedience.  If history proves itself to be true, then it is right around the corner for us also.  Let us take heed and be discerning.  

Lucy Loser Destroys the Earth - Alternative Social Commentary

8 Feb 2019 08:30

Incidents of Marijauna overdose triple in Quebec since legalization, Aborted baby's body parts fused with lab mice to huminize them for experimentation, Movie uses phone AI to get owner to commit murder, Nevada has majority female goddess worship legislator, God is a Woman video stole another artist's work.

Lucy Loser Eats its Own Tail - by Freedom Friday Radio

4 Feb 2019 23:00

Man rapes three children while our on bail twice by the same judge, Radical feminists say that Transgender Activism is a Men's Right Movement, Chickens genecticlly modified to produce cancer drugs in their eggs, Baby 'twins' have two DIFFERENT fathers after gay couple were both able to fertilise an embryo of a surrogate mother, Transgender operation blamed for axe attack on man, China clones monkeys and deliberately edits genes to make them mentally ill.  

Love Warns by Justin Hoke (The pastor who spoke the truth and paid a price)

28 Jan 2019 08:30

A northern California Presbyterian pastor, Justin Hoke, gave a message on a Sunday morning preaching against the sins of our culture and the tolerance towards same sex relationships and transgenderism.  Little did he know that this would be his last message.  The congregation and associate Elder of the church did not want to hear this Biblical truth and decided they would all leave the church if he stayed on as Pastor.  So, he left out of the betterment for his family and the congregation.  The church has become apostate and truth hating.  It has become lovers of the world and worshippers of the Evil One.  We play Pastor Justin Hoke's last message because it is a good one filled with truth and exhortation to all of us.  May you be blessed as it blessed us.  

Lucy Loser in the Sky with Trannies-Alternative News and Commentary

25 Jan 2019 08:30

California church pastor forced to leave office after telling the truth about homosexuality and transgenderism, Sex expert teaches 8-year old children to masturbate, India's transgendered Hijras are considered demi-gods, The rise of satanism in the USA, Catholic Christian women who are witches, Japan's law require transgendered people to be sterilized before they can change official documents reflecting thier new gender.  

Time to Clean House According to King Josiah

22 Jan 2019 00:00

In the Biblical book of 2Kings chapter 23, we find a young fervent King of Judah who discovers the truth behind the Words of God.  He takes these truths to heart and sees the forthcoming destruction of his kingdom due to the occult pagan witchcraft practices of the people and preisthood.  King Josiah goes on a rampage of killing, destroying, and totally elliminating any pagan false gods from the land with those pagan priests that facilitate such wickedness.  It is an amazong story that we can relate to right now in our current time frame.  Destruction is coming, it can't be averted. but we can clean our own houses to obtain salvation from God's soon coming wrath upon this demon possessed world.  

Beyond Comprehension-A Delusional World

18 Jan 2019 08:30

Woman's lips ooz pus and infection after using lip fillers, Man injects his own semen into arm to relieve back pain, Nike makes a shoe that takes a smartpone to lace, Alexa goes down for an hour and causes panic as people cant figure out what to do, Ronald McDonald on a crucifix as art in Israel sparks violent protests from Arab Christians, Utah teen girl drives blindfolded doing the Bird Box challenge and crashes her truck into another driver.  

Are You Afraid of God's Word?

14 Jan 2019 22:30

God gave a Word to His prophet Isaiah about His people who do not fear or respect His Word.  We correlate that eternal warning to the Cinematic Church of today to see that their time is coming to a close because the long suffering patience of the All Mighty God is coming to an end.  God sees Cultural Christian worship exactly the same as pagan demonic worship.  There is no difference, and the consequences are the same.  Pagan holidays, pagan ceremonies, pagan worship, and pagan tolerance is now the norm of mainstream Christianity.  God tells us exactly what kind of human He is looking for, and what kind of Human will avoid His coming wrath of vindication and execution of judgment.  The song, "Judgment Day," by Mesquite Cafe is available at all online digital retailers.    

Trip Down Disgusting Lane-Commentary on Current Events and Social Issues

11 Jan 2019 08:30

Woman in a 14 year vegitative state gives birth, Baby sitter kills and harms infants for fun, Murderer confesses that Satan told him when and who to kill via Uber app, County commisioners lose legal battle to pray in Jesus' name, People eating chicken tenders from road warned not to do so emergency managment.    

2019 Predictions of Folly vs. Wisdom

4 Jan 2019 08:30

Gay men kiss in recreation of iconic 1945 photo, Trans-Actors want to play James Bond, 6' 8" 300 pound body builder stabs and assaults date before dying in police custody, Man who was angry about missing taco sauce fired a gun inside a Taco Bell, and other news with an alternative view.  In 2019, we predict the increase in stupidity among humans, and tell you why we belive that.  We also give you a way to av0id being stupid by getting wisdom from God.  

The Art of Spiritual War (Jospehus Pt. 4)

31 Dec 2018 08:30

As the Roman General Vespasian marched accross Judea, the Jewish historian Josephus recorded the discipline, conduct, and training of the Roman army.  The same observations that the Apostle Paul no doubt made when talking about spiritual battle.  In this episode, we unpack the correlation between the best fighting machine in history to our conducting spiritual warfare against out enemies.  Using both Old and New Testament proof texts, you will better understand the importance of daily spiriual exercises in warfare. Please get the book, "Demons in My Marriage Bed: A True Story of Spiritual Warfare," to further your training and understanding.  

The Coven of America by Freedom Friday Radio-Alternative News and Commentary

28 Dec 2018 08:30

Amazon Alexa tells consumer to kill his foster parents, Police blame Satan for uptick in murders, Witchcraft moves to the mainstream, Young blood for sale, Woman has sex with demons and is engaged to marry one.  

The Great Tribulation and the Jewish War (Josephus Pt. 3)

24 Dec 2018 08:30

The years just prior to AD 70 reveal how and why the Jewish rebellion against Rome occurred.  We can learn much about Jacob's Trouble or the Great Tribulation through the historical records of Josephus.  There are spiritual take aways in the hostorical accounts.  One such lesson is that the Jewish King Agrippa tried to convince the Jewish rebels that slavery to Rome was normal and that the entire habitable world had submitted to Rome's rule.  This is much like some Christian leaders telling us to submit to Satan's rule because everyone else is doing it.  

The World of AutoMagic

21 Dec 2018 08:30

KooKooFornia to go total Socialist with free $500 a month and free college tuition, Pastor buys wife $200K car, Scientist are heating up our atmoshere in experiements, Berkely using AI to detect and stop hate speech, AI creates human faces, cars and cats that look 100% real, House robot acts like pet but is really spying on you.  

Post Traumatic Satanic Disorder

15 Dec 2018 00:30

Discussing the former humans who have sold out to the witchcraft system, and now suffer from Post Traumatic Satanic Disorder.  

The Slow Growth to Apostasy and Destruction (Josephus and the Bible pt.2)

10 Dec 2018 08:30

We read in Josephus from the period of around 45 AD to about 62 AD, and learn of the slow steady growth of rebellion and apostasy of the Jewish nation at this time.  We compare many prophetical Scriptures in the Gospels, the words of Christ, and the events contained in the Book of Acts to line up with the historical account of Israel just prior to its fall and destruction by the Roman armies.  Another lesson from history that also has much bearing on our lives today.  

Take a Large Gulp of Iniquity

7 Dec 2018 08:30

Children overdosing on Xanex, Transgender (Man) wins Miss Universe Spain, Church puts baby Jesus in Migrant cage for nativity scene, US military genetically engineering ocean organisms for war, Reality T.V. sexual perversion show, Oregon trying to legalize psychodelic mushrooms, US lab experiemented on monkeys then abandoned them to die on an island.  

Lessons from History - The AD 70 Destruction of Jerusalem

3 Dec 2018 08:30

History repeats itself, and we are bound to repeat history unless we learn from past events.  In the case of AD 70, the fall and destruction of the Temple of God and the City of Jersusalem, we find historical events of warnings and portants that were ignored by the people who perished in that event.  What can we learn today about AD 70 that will assist us in understanding the signs in the heavens and earth?  Ending song, "All That's Left Now," by Mesquite Cafe is available in all digital music outlets.  

Attacks on the Church and the Children

30 Nov 2018 08:30

Freedom Friday Radio, an alternative news and commentary podcast.  In this episode, we discuss the current attacks on the Church and on the Children.  

Flat Earth Dream Vision

26 Nov 2018 08:30

We discuss our awakening to the Biblical Cosmology written in the Scriptures, and how a dream vision of the flood of Noah created a fresh understanding of our Christo-Centric doctrine.  

The Tribulation of the World System

23 Nov 2018 08:30

Ten year old girl intentionally stomps baby to death, Man rapes his own infant son, Hair pulling disorder, Autistic students fooled into transgenderism, Gay councilman ousted for sending naked photos to other men, USA has rise in number of witches and pagans, Lab grown kidney develops brain and muscle cells.  

How to Deal with Testings and Trials

19 Nov 2018 00:30

We are in a "proving ground" surrounded by refinement of our character in order to become a "new creation" that resembles our LORD Messiah.  The life of a God Fearer is not an easy one on this satanically controlled closed system that we are born into.  So, how do we deal with afflictions, trials, testings of our character that purge us of the garbage, the drose, and the filth?  Join us as we study the Book of Job Chapter 4 to find out the inner workings of God's cleansing for our betterment and overcoming of this wicked world system.  If you are going through a trial in your life right now, this is the message God wants you to hear.  

The Fools Have Taken Root

16 Nov 2018 08:30

Drag Queen hiker in high heels, Walmart's demonic toys, killer kills man because he thought he would be a mass killer, Xbox rage, AI anchorman robotoid, Spiders are everywhere on a road in Arkansas

Evil Children in the News

9 Nov 2018 08:30

1.  Child kills mother over grades; 2.  Child kills grandmother over cleaning room; 3.  Child repeatedly steals mother's car and leads police in high speed chases; 4.  Dumb people get chipped

Celtic Chill by Mesquite Cafe - Entire EP Play

5 Nov 2018 20:00

We are playing our new release, "Celtic Chill," by Mesquite Cafe.  We discoved a treasure trove of uncompressed recordings of this beautiful music that was recorded in 2011, but it had never been mastered and brought up to professional standards.  We took these uncompressed files and mastered them, and they sound beautiful now.  Brother KAPOW played Irish Drums and Percussion with other Christian musicians to create this very relaxing beautiful Celtic type music.  It contains Harp, Guitar, Bass, Flute, and Irish Drums.  It is all intrumental with no singing or lyrics.  The full EP will be released and available on 11.12.2018, but you can pre-order it on 11.5.2018.  It will be available at most online digital retaillers like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google, etc.  

Off the Chain Demonic Behavior

2 Nov 2018 07:30

Worldwide demonic behavior that is unprecedented in its evil.  A vegitarian chef served customers human flesh; man placed ad to rape, kill, and eat a child; nurse kills 100 patients because he was bored and liked trying to bring them back to life; satanic temple sues satantic Netflix over satan statue; human head found in apartment rear yard and brought to police station; woman stabs husband and then takes a selfie next to his bleeding body for her friends to see.  

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